I am attracted to a performance which tackles the extremes of human behavior and Celebration is such a project. Families like societies are often built on lies, secrets and half truths. That these falsehoods are buried into the DNA of the group is reflected in the face of the family or culture. It is a strained one. It is a mask of pretense. And the behavior of a group living under such a pact of silence reflects this unease. It is Agressive. Diseased. Wild. Celebration portrays the tremendous strength and fearlessness of the individual action of overcoming this code of silence; the beauty in the courage to shine a light on the truth of our lives both personally and in our cultures."

Robert Woodruff
Voice of Children - “Make a better world with our children for our children”-
"The Voice of Children"
“Make a better world with our children for our children”
The global children choir will bring together online children of all nations! [b]December 10 2015 7 PM Unirii Square Cluj-Napoca
Enrolled in the project:
26 schools and 1000 students from Cluj Napoca
9 schools 200 students from: India, Finland, Spain, Columbia, Macedonia, USA, China.
2015 Cluj-Napoca European Youth Capital

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The project is composed by a series of happenings , first with volunteers as participants. In time, the volunteers will be replaced by persons from the public, willing to experience the joy of a "serious" game, with a social-political meaning.