Din suflet de student // Giving from the students' soulDin Suflet de Student este un proiect care dorește să implice studenții în problemele comunității. Scopul acestuia este de a ajutora casele de copii și bătrâni în pragul Crăciunului. Cu ajutorul voluntarilor, se strâng donații care vor fi mai apoi duse celor nevoiași, în ajun de Crăciun.
Giving from a students' soul is a project that wishes to increase the awareness of students' in regard to communities problem. The purpose of it is to help orphanages and nursing homes during the holidays time. With the help of volunteers, donations are gathered and given to those in need during Christmas Eve.
The project is composed by a series of happenings , first with volunteers as participants. In time, the volunteers will be replaced by persons from the public, willing to experience the joy of a "serious" game, with a social-political meaning.