TEEN SPIRIT is a program that wishes to develop theater plays targeted at a teenaged public, as a result of a process of evaluation, research and communication with the targeted audience at its current state. In our local cultural environment, there is an obvious lack of artistic products that are especially conceived for this young audience, which leads to the absence of teenagers from the audience of both private or institutional theaters.

The concept of „Youth Theater ” has already been developed in most of the European cities, giving models such as Theater An Der Parkaue from Berlin,Germany, The Youth Theatre from Novi Sad, Serbia, or Backa Teater from Göteborg, Sweden.

The main objective of this project is to document and develop new ways of expression, specific to the targeted audience. The project is a prototype that tries to find an efficient way to involve and reflect upon an age segment that is currently ignored, aiming to develop itself as a constant platform of our independent theatre, Reactor.

The project Teen Spirit - theater for teenagers - aims to produce three theater plays, starting from the theme „me - my city - Europe”. Each play will be created by a different team, consisting of a director, a playwright, a scenographer, and 3 or more actors. The play will be the result of the documentation process and the workshops held with students from three different high-schools.

The idea of the project is the result of a process of observation and analysis of theater audiences in Romania , where it was observed that the segment aged 14-19 is currently very little present in theaters (voluntarily, without intermediation from the teachers). We believe that this is an inevitable consequence of the fact that the topics and themes approached in most plays are often outside the sphere of interest of teenagers. Teen Spirit wants to create a viable option, creating plays inspired by their world, their problems, their relationship with the world, and specifically addressed to this age group.

The main activities are split in three phases.
The first one is the preparatory phase. The project’s team members will attend a special workshop held by Irina Bârcă, who has a wide experience at the THEATER AN DER PARKAUE from Berlin, Germany, where she works as a cultural mediator. The team members will become acquainted with different cultural mediation strategies for theatre, as well as with concepts such as theatre pedagogy, cultural education, drama in education, socio-political ramifications and their origins, using case studies from Germany. At the end we will develop a strategy for the Teen Spirit project.

After the workshop we will begin the documentation and research, consisting of interviews and workshops with the project’s team and the students, through which we will try to approach the main theme from different points of view, from macro to micro, as well as from individual to general. During the workshops we will try to cover a wide spectrum of teenagers and to incorporate different social, ethnic or vocational classes. We will search for stories, we will test hypotheses ,we will create situations.

In the second phase, the members of each team will sort the information obtained and they will determine, after a series of working table sessions, which is the direction of the future performance. The playwright of each team will then start to work on the text.

The third stage includes the actual production of the plays and their performance.

The primary outcome of the project is to provide for our target age group members a cultural alternative which represents them and discusses their place in society, the adherence to an urban identity, regional or European, the differences and similarities between them, all in a fluent narrative structure.

Event Date: 01 May. - 10 Dec.
About Event Date: The period of the project may change
Edition: First
Organiser: Reactor de creație și experiment
Main partners: Asociația Reciproca , Asociația Váróterem Projekt
Is the event open to public?: Open to public
Domain: Communication, Culture, Education, Nonformal Education, Youth Empowerment,
Cluj-Napoca 2015 priorities: SHARE Culture,
What type of project is it?: Program,
Area covered: Regional
Location: In highschools and at our theatre, Reactor de creație și experiment, at Petofi Sandor street, no 4
Where are the participants from?: Local,
Language used during the event: romanian

About Event
Website: www.reactor-cluj.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ReactorCluj
Contact: spatiureactor@gmail.com

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