Donează sânge! Nu numai medicii pot salva vieți - Donate blood! Not only doctors can save lives

The campaign encourages voluntary and regular blood donation by informing the public of the many benefits of this act . We chose to launch this campaign because we believe that the Romanian Health System needs support and in this sense, we want the campaign that we conduct to have a significant impact on the Cluj population.

Event Date: 18 May.
About Event Date: The date is set, it will not change
Edition: I
Main partners: Centrul de Transfuzie Sanguină Cluj-Napoca , OSM , FSPAC , REFRESH PRINT , COLORAMA
Is the event open to public?: Open to public
Domain: Health,
Cluj-Napoca 2015 priorities: SHARE Responsibly,
What type of project is it?: Program,
Area covered: Local
Location: Centrul de Transfuzie Sanguina - Cluj-Napoca
Where are the participants from?: Local,
Language used during the event: Romanian

About Event

Tags: blood donation, campaign, share health, like the cause, share the cause, join the cause


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