What conditions do you need to fulfill in order to become a blood donor?
Anyone can donate blood, but because we care about your health after you donate, and also the receiver's health, you need to fulfill the following conditions:
– Age: 18-60 years old
– Good state of health
– Not being tired at the moment of the donation
– No alcohol in the past 48 hours (before the donation)
– Appropriate weight (over 57 kg)
– No herpes
– No hepatitis, tuberculosis or malaria in your medical history
– No allergies
– Not having a flu or being under any kind of treatment
– Not being vaccinated in the past 2 weeks (before the donation)
– Not being on your period (for girls)
– No minor surgery (in the past 3 months) or major surgery (in the past 6 months)
The advantages of the blood-donor
- 7 shopping vouchers with a total value of 57 RON, which can be used in any supermarket that accepts vouchers
- The following blood tests are free of charge:
* Hepatitis B and C
* VDRL (Sifilis)
* HTLV (Leukemia)
* Hemoglobine
* Group (A, B, O, AB), Rh (D)
* Anti-erythrocyte antibodies (for Rh- women )
- Valid proof for:
* 50% discount for one month for public transport
* 1 day off

Event Date: 04 May. - 08 May.
About Event Date: The date is set, it will not change
Edition: 21st
Organiser: OSM Cluj
Main partners: Centrul de Transfuzii Cluj-Napoca
Is the event open to public?: Open to public
Domain: Health, Philanthropy, Social Responsibility,
Cluj-Napoca 2015 priorities: SHARE Responsibly,
What type of project is it?: Community Action,
Area covered: Local
Location: Centrul de Transfuzii Cluj-Napoca
Where are the participants from?: Local,
Language used during the event: Romanian and English

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