The International Meetings in Cluj 2015, "Our Europe"Starting 2011, Cluj-Napoca National Theater organizes THE INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS IN CLUJ, an event part of the "PRIORITY: ROMANIA" program. The event is annual and its aim is to promote the international dialogue through theater, through cultural international collaborations and initiatives and to support, protect and promote the Romanian theater on an European an international level. Due the involvement of Cluj-Napoca National Theater and its partners in the organizing of this event we believe that these Meetings will initiate and consolidate a national and international creative dialogue. The festival aims to create a dialogue platform and facilitate networking and international exchange.

Event Date: 06 Oct. - 11 Oct.
About Event Date: The date is set, it will not change
Acronym: IIC
Edition: 5
Organiser: The National Theater in Cluj-Napoca
Is the event open to public?: Open to public
Domain: Civic Participation, Culture, Interculturalism, Multiculturalism, Volunteering, Other,
Cluj-Napoca 2015 priorities: SHARE Culture, SHARE European,
What type of project is it?: Festival,
Area covered: International
Location: The National Theater in Cluj-Napoca
Where are the participants from?: Local, National, International,
Language used during the event: Romanian, English, French

About Event

Tags: theater, cluj, cluj2015, europe, festival, Culture


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