1. DiaEuro2015 = the 4th edition of the European Futsal Championship for people with diabetes.
- National teams from all over Europe;
- Formed by 10 players, over 18 years old with type 1 or type 2 DM (diabetes mellitus);
- To demonstrate that people with DM can do competitive sports;
- To emphasize the importance of physical activity in DM management.
DiaRomania = Romania diabetes futsal team
- Founded in March 2013 under FADR (Romanian Federation of Diabetes Association) and FRDNBM (Romanian Federation for Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic diseases) auspices;
- Players from the entire country;
- First participation on DiaEuro 2013 (the second edition of this championship) obtaining the 6th place;
- Winner of the DiaEuro 2014 edition and the title for the best player.
As winners we will organize this event in Cluj-Napoca during 19th-26th July. Besides matches the participants will have the occasion to take part to other activities meant to reveal the beauty and the potential of Cluj-Napoca and the surrounding areas (visits at museums and the botanical garden, a trip at the Turda salt mine, a barbeque at the Village Museum). The ending of this event will be marked by a farewell party.
2. The National Forum for people with DM and diabetes associations:
- Held every year under FADR, FRDNBM and ABD Cluj (Association for people with diabetes Cluj-Napoca) auspices.
Participants – 600 representing:
- Futsal players;
- People with diabetes from Romania;
- People with diabetes from all over Europe;
- Young leaders in diabetes (YLD) from all over the world.
- To improve the knowledge of people with diabetes through educational sessions and workshops;
- Special educational sessions and workshops about the importance of physical activity in diabetes (the novelty of this year forum);
- To form a strong diabetes network in our country;
- Simultaneously held with DiaEuro 2015 will favor the collaborations between young people with diabetes from all over Europe including Romania.

Event Date: 19 Jul. - 26 Jul.
About Event Date: The date is set, it will not change
Acronym: DiaEuro 2015 & Diabetes National Forum
Edition: 4th edition
Organiser: The Romanian Federation of Diabetes Associations (FADR) , The Association of People with Diabetes, Cluj –Napoca (ABD Cluj-Napoca) and The Romanian Federation of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases (FRDNBM)
Is the event open to public?: Open to public
Domain: Advocacy & Lobby, Communication, Education, Health, Social, Social Inclusion, Sport, Youth Empowerment,
Cluj-Napoca 2015 priorities: SHARE European, SHARE Joy, SHARE Responsibly, SHARE Work,
What type of project is it?: Competition, Conference, Seminar,
Area covered: European
Location: Cluj-Napoca, Sala Polivalenta Cluj (DiaEuro), Hotel Napoca (Forum)
Where are the participants from?: Local, National, International,
Language used during the event: English & Romanian

About Event
Website: www.diaeuro.org , www.fadr.ro, http://diabet-cluj.blogspot.ro
Facebook: DiaEuro 2014, Dia Romania 2014
Contact: cristina.petrut5@yahoo.com

Tags: sports competitions, education, diabetes


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