The JCI Danube Conference & JCI Romania National Convention 2015 will take place between 15 and 18 of October 2015 in Cluj-Napoca. This year Cluj Napoca is the European Youth Capital and the mission of the program is to support youngsters and youth organizations in their active participation in changing the society through a sustainable, responsible and inclusive urban development process.
Our goal is to bring together the Danube countries in order to: develop and implement integrated smart city solutions; | support networking and partnering between; |accumulate knowledge and facilitate exchange of information.
Smart & Innovative Expo is a component of the event, where for two days, participants and representatives of local communities from Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Romania and Moldova will have the opportunity to meet hardware and software suppliers for “smart cities” solutions.
The Expo will be supported also by the SMART Business agenda with keynotes and workshops on next level business models provided by top entrepreneurs and as well by the SMART Cities Forum, where we will gather representatives from all sectors of society to discuss and create an international framework in order to develop the best solutions and to create a model of good practice for our communities.

Event Date: 15 Oct.
About Event Date: The date is set, it will not change
Organiser: JCI
Domain: Administrative, Business, Career, Communication, Leadership, Management, Personal Development, Youth Empowerment, Youth Policy,
Cluj-Napoca 2015 priorities: SHARE European, SHARE Work,
Location: Cluj-Napoca

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