Franz Kafka: America
Karl Rossmann Balázs Bodolai
Uncle, Servant at the Pollunders Miklós Bács
Stoket, Student Ferenc Sinkó
First officer, Fyodor, Brunelda Áron Dimény
Headwaiter, Schubal, Woman at the theatre Csilla Albert
Toll-keeper, Pollunder, Captain, Man at the theatre Attila Orbán
Klara, Tereza Enikő Györgyjakab
Green, Head cook, Third chief in the theatre Kati Panek
Delamarche, Compere, Second chief in the theatre Loránd Váta
Robinson, First chief in the theatre Gábor Viola

Event Date: 27 Dec.
About Event Date: The date is set, it will not change
Organiser: Hungarian Thetare of cluj
Domain: Culture,
Cluj-Napoca 2015 priorities: SHARE Culture,
Location: Cluj Napoca

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