Electric Castle FestivalELECTRIC CASTLE is the largest music festival in Romania and it is the first Romanian festival that took electronic dance music and live concert to a castle's domain. After the legendary first two editions, this year’s Electric Castle 2015 gets even bigger with 6 different stages and over 150 artists.

The festival was shortlisted for the ‘Best Medium Size Festival’ category at the European Festival Awards for both its first editions (2013&2014) alongside renowned festivals such as Melt!, Balaton Sound, I Love Techno or Volt.

Held on the Bánffy Castle’s domain (Bonțida, Cluj county), the festival is more than a concert extension and offers a full experience to its participants by creating a unique blend due to its location, local beauty and history, all day round urban activities (like extreme sports, audio-video production workshops) and a large variety of electronic and live music.

Electric Castle Festival is a Boiler Events production.

Event Date: 25 Jun.
About Event Date: The date is set, it will not change
Organiser: Boiler Events
Domain: Culture, Entertainment, Music,
Cluj-Napoca 2015 priorities: SHARE Culture, SHARE Joy,
Location: Banffy Castle, Bontida

About Event
Website: http://electriccastle.ro
Facebook: http://facebook.com/electriccastle
Contact: contact@electriccastle.ro


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