Negotiations SchoolNegotiations School is a project adressed to students who wish to complete their existing academic program with practical activities for student development. Unique in Romania, the project aims to bring value and prestige to Cluj's environment and our partners - The Faculty of European Studies, Babes-Bolyai University, SHARE Federation.
The project wil gather 40 students from the biggest university towns throughtout the country; students from the faculty of historical studies, european studies, economical studies, law studies and also students who are interested about the negotiation's domain. For 3 days they will participate in development trainings and introduction in the subject. Afterwards they will have the chance to apply their newly acquired knowledge with the help of some simulation sessions.
Interdisciplinary Conference for Young Scientists TUDEK, CONCURS SESIUNE NAŢIONALĂ INTERDISCIPLINARĂ DE COMUNICĂRI ŞTIINŢIFICE „TUDEK”The Interdisciplinary Conference for Young Scientists TUDEK is held by Apáczai Csere János Highschool from Cluj-Napoca between 27-29 november. The conference is a contest as well for highscool students from hungarian teaching highscools from Transilvania, and it is part of the contest calendar of the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research. At the contest 160 students will present 101 scientific papers in nine different sections organized on different subjects like lingvistics, antroplogy, history, IT and mathematics, physics and chemystry, environmental sciences, biology, sociology and economics, psichology. The students will present in ten minutes their findings and will be evaluated by a jury formed by lecturers from different universities.