Cluj-Napoca - represents youth in 2015Cluj-Napoca - youth representative in 2015

Cluj-Napoca city obtained the status of European Youth Capital 2015. This title is awarded to a European city for a period of one year, during which will be given the chance to present a multilateral program for the cultural development, social , political and economic related youth.

The new status will bring to Cluj higher visibility in Europe, will accommodate a large number of tourists and gain new possible investors. For sure Cluj-Napoca will seize this opportunity by making a large number of events throughout the year.

Cluj-Napoca has been designated European Youth Capital 2015 in Maribor, Slovenia, the European Youth Forum (European Youth Forum, EYF) to coordinate and promote this project.

European Youth Capital status was introduced in 2009 in Rotterdam (Netherlands), followed by Turin (Italy) in 2010, Antwerp (Belgium) in 2011, Braga (Portugal), Maribor (Slovenia) in 2013 and Thessaloniki 2014.

For the 2015 award came into the final competition Vilnius(Lithuania), Varna (Bulgaria), Ivanovo( Russia) and Cluj-Napoca (Romania).

Noemi Czasar

Event Date: 18 Nov.
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