Banffy Castle - A unique experienceThe Banffy Castle - A unique experience

If you think you're born in the wrong era, then you should definitely make it through Banffy Castle in Bonțida, if you decide to came in Cluj-Napoca.

Today the castle entered into a program of consolidation because over the past years the building suffered several damages. The restoration of the castle began in 1999 by an agreement between Romania, UK and Hungary, agreement that involved Prince Charles of Wales who personally visited this place during the beginning of restoration. In 1437 started off its construction, but the first mention of it in a document was in XVII century in a military report.

My first time here was with the occasion of the second edition of Electric Castle festival and I was simply speechless. I could not believe that a place like this can radiate such mysticism. I am talking about the mysticism which has the power to fascinate you irremediably, that can keep your smile stuck on your face for hours and pours into your spirit in a calculated way effervescence without being skimpy about it. I thought it was something in the air, a sort of a microbe because of whom you are positive and you stop wondering why is that so. It was definitely something in the air and the castle was to blame!

Banffy Castle - A unique experience

Because I was fascinated, I wanted to return there and, more than that, I wanted to make it known to other people. I went back there 3 months later to refresh my experience and to make sure that my emotional attachment somehow did not altered. There were the same building but nothing about the older mood that floated in the air about 3 months ago. I found it a little more thoughtful than I had left it. If walls could whisper, how many stories would they tell? I walked through the courtyard tickled by the lazy sun of september with a single thought: I must see it on the inside.

I entered the main building, the stables, the Mikola building the one with that balcony from which have left something that can be admired today. In some places I saw pieces and details of the ancient wall saloon, archways and shreds of stairs.

What impressed me the most, and I found it out later, was the practice of the students architects, engineers, landscape designers and art historians that helped the restauration of the castle in a program of training for the rahabilitation of architectural heritage.

It's a place that will categorically make its own way in anyone's heart that will come to visit. The castle is a living proof that show us glimpses of other people's way of living and being. It's a communication channel between two stories, yours and theirs.

Ana Maria Racheleanu

Event Date: 19 Nov.

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