Are you a tourist?

Are you a tourist?

See here how you can get around the city of Cluj-Napoca

If you are for the first time in Cluj-Napoca or you want to take a guided walk through the streets of Cluj-Napoca, make sure you consider one of these options below for tourist information and more.

Are you a tourist?

Visit the website. Here you can find a wide range of choices when it comes to places and sights to visit, restaurants, things to do around the city or accommodation.

Are you a tourist?

For guided tours around the city make sure you consider this wonderful people from Cluj Greeters. They are a group of volunteers who can offer you a lot of fun while finding new interesting information about the city of Cluj-Napoca.

Are you a tourist?

Another option for guided tours around the city of Cluj-Napoca are the guides from Cluj Guided Tours. This group of volunteers will offer you the chance to discover the secrets and the stories of Cluj-Napoca.

Are you a tourist?

If you want to walk the streets of Cluj-Napoca alone, or maybe just with your friends, the PocketGuide application can guide you around just like a personal tour guide. Inside the app you will find different tours on 4 subjects of interest: fashion, urbanism, start-ups or theaters. Your personal tour guide can talk with you in English, Romanian or Hungarian. Available on Android and iOS.

Are you a tourist?

Discover the mystical land and be a tourist at UNTOLD Festival. Wens Tour offers you full-packages to complete your amazing experience. Get to know the Transylvanian cities and make sure that you meet some of the most amazing storytellers out there. We hereby invite you to an incredible adventure that can assure you and your friends a new chapter in your story.

Check out the packages that we prepared for you and choose the lands that you would like to see.

Are you a tourist?

UNTOLD Festival mobile app: the application will guide users signaling festival scenes perimeter, food & drinks area, nearby access points and first aid points, plus other partners downward. An important feature is that the app gives users the ability to create their own schedule, compiling in one place chronologically all time favorites. Untold Festival mobile app can be downloaded for both iOS and Android and is free.

Are you a tourist?

On you can see LIVE images from the centre of Cluj-Napoca. You can see some awesome views from here.

Are you a tourist?

Information about public transportation you can find on - shedules, routes, prices, etc.

On you will get all the information you need about flights.

Useful phone numbers:

Emergency / Fire Department: 112

Railway Station: +40800884444

Bus Station: +40264455249

Airport: +40264307500

UNTOLD accommodation:

UNTOLD Official Campus Observator: Observator St.

UNTOLD Official Campus Hașdeu: Bogdan Petriceicu Hașdeu St.

UNTOLD Official Camping: Gheorgheni, 4 Aleea Detunata St.

Event Date: 27 Jul.

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