Rooftop party for a cause – the first partyWe are expecting you at the first charitable party, organized by the Day 15 Team, together with Balcony TV. The party will take place on the roof of View Cluj Restaurant and begins 16:00 o'clock. Just like all the other Day 15 events, it has a strong message behind.

The purpose of this event is to raise funds for the restauration of the Pediatrics 2 Clinic rooms, from the Oncopediatrics section. The activities are programmed for the following months and are going to be organized together with the Little People Romania Association. We wish to indicate the fact that all the donations are going to be used as stated before. Thus, the bigger the contribution, the more beautiful the things we can do with the rooms. The amount recommended do be donated is 10 lei per participant. Follow the activities of the Day 15 project on Facebook, in order to quickly find out more details about the renovation of the rooms.
Marwan DUA, Nopame and Fishman are the artists that joined our cause and will take care of the music playlists. The Londoner Team will ensure the bar at the party. Drinks are available in exchange of tokens, which can be bought at the entrance. The access for people under the age of 18 is prohibited, giving the fact that, at the party, alcohol is being served. It is also very important to know that the party starts at 16:00 o'clock and ends 22:00 o'clock.
The designers of the Cluj 2015 TotemThe designers of Cluj 2015 Totem encourage the youth to get involved in as many creative activities as possible.

Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015 unveiled in february the CLUJ 2015 totem, a project initiated by the AStA association. This concept has the purpose of promoting Cluj-Napoca and communicate its values in a fresh way during this year, now that Cluj is the European Youth capital. Other active communities contributed at the completion of this project too. Because we already talked about this, this article is entirely dedicated to the designers that contributed at the construction of the 63 cassettes that form the CLUJ 2015 totem.
How many people are needed to improve the Cluj- Napoca idea ?We talk about February 28th, 2015, 23:59. As you may know, this is the deadline for the enrollment for the initiative Com`ON Cluj-Napoca- Youth Participatory Budget in Cluj 2015, European Youth Capital. And because we know that the Little Prince said: “big men like numbers”, we will try to say the story in a numeric way.

Let`s start with 1. In this sense, we remind you that Com`ON Cluj-Napoca is the first process with participatory budgeting (BP) from Cluj- Napoca, which aims to involve youngsters from the above mentioned city, into a democratic process of deliberation and decision, for determining the best way to spend the public budget, within the Cluj-Napoca 2015, European Youth Capital program.
This way, we have set an extremely brave and encouraging goal for the target audience: a portfolio of 250 projects/ initiatives proposed by the youth, whom are organized only in informal groups, and who address their projects to the local community.