Are you a tourist?

Are you a tourist?

See here how you can get around the city of Cluj-Napoca

If you are for the first time in Cluj-Napoca or you want to take a guided walk through the streets of Cluj-Napoca, make sure you consider one of these options below for tourist information and more. ...
UNTOLD Festival technologies


Discover festival’s mobile application, areas with Digi’s free internet,and the playlists including millions of songs.

UNTOLD Festival, the most awaited festival of 2015 in Romania, is approaching fastly. Just a week left from the four magical days, 30th of July to 2nd of August, when the most beloved electro-dance -music artists worldwide will share for the first time the same stage: AVICII, Armin van Buuren, David Guetta and DIMITRI VEGAS & LIKE MIKE will provide the public memorable performances. RCS & RDS offers participants during the festival free internet access through Digi – Wifi, and many other surprises offered by Digi Mobil that will make their presence at the festival an unforgettable experience.

The audience is expected to have a busy schedule in the 4 days: an impressive line -up, concerts for the first concert in Romania, lasers and lights shows, many thrilling activities during the day and most importantly, with technology solutions such as RFID system payments, mobile application, mobile recharging points, internet connection for the attendees, million songs playlists and the official festival hastag #untoldfestival. ...
UNTOLD Festival experiences


During 30th of July – 2nd of August, Untold Festival brings to Cluj-Napoca the most beloved artists around the world: AVICII, Armin van Buuren, David Guetta and DIMITRI VEGAS & LIKE MIKE. More than 170 artists will perform in the 4 days of the festival, furthermore concerts will be complemented by impressive lights & laser shows by night and extremely varied activities during the day.