The International Conference of Psychology Students We proudly announce you that this year, 2015, during 15 - 17 May, The International Conference of Psychology Students was held in Cluj-Napoca, The European Youth Capital, at The Students Culture House. The conference had more than 40 participants, Romanian and foreign students, starting from undergraduates, master-level students and PhD students, but also just Psychology enthusiasts. The theme of this year ICPS was Growing through Psychology.
RISE network is in the European Youth Capital KEKS (network of 42 local departments for youth work, Sweden), together with its three international partners: Hunedoara County Direction for Sport and Youth (Romania), City of Dublin Youth Service Board (Ireland) and Association of Estonian Open Youth Work (Estonia) are implementing between January 2015 and December 2016 the project “RISE -for common systems for documentation of youth work and non-formal learning”.

Beside the four formal project partners we also have in our working group a representative of Helsinki Municipality (Finland). Our Finish partners are in the process of developing a youth work documentation system and therefore considered the RISE project as a useful platform for working on the topic. ...
New stuff- Cluj Never SleepsThe Cluj Never Sleeps event has the purpose of promoting cultural activities, in a rather unconventional way. The idea of this event came from the fact that in Cluj-Napoca, there is a young, vibrant atmosphere all around and we can discover some of the most diverse activities.

The night between the 20th and 21st of June 2015 will not be an ordinary one, because for 15 hours straight, Cluj Never Sleeps will take place. This event wants to promote multicultural events, emphasizing on interaction and diversity. The target audience of this event is not only the general public, which is invited to all kind of activities, but also institutions and cultural leaders, who have the opportunity to present their work load from such a big event.