Let's SHARE Cluj!

JCI Cluj in partnership with the SHARE Federation Cluj-Napoca are launching the “Let’s SHARE Cluj campaign”

The aim of the “Let’s SHARE Cluj” project is to train the local community into promoting our city, abroad and in the country, as well as the title of European Youth Capital which the municipality of Cluj-Napoca won for 2015. Also, our goal is to stir up the interest of the global community for Cluj and the “Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015” project.

How do we “SHARE Cluj”? We encourage every person which lives in or loves Cluj-Napoca to share their pleasant experiences about this city, during their trips abroad or through Romania, and to mark this moment through a photo with the #sharecluj hashtag. Whether we’re on a vacation or a business trip, talking with a friend or meeting a new one, we can take Cluj with us wherever we go.

The “Let’s SHARE Cluj” campaign has at its central point a contest with substantial prizes and it will take place during a longer period of time, preceding the year in which Cluj-Napoca will be the European Youth Capital. The contest starts on August 1st 2014 and will end on the 31st of October 2015.

The contest has two major components : the international one, coordinated by JCI Cluj and a national component, coordinated by the SHARE Federation Cluj-Napoca.

#sharecluj prizes

A trip anywhere in the world, offered by Musai Travel, worth 1000 Euros – this prize will be offered to a randomly picked participant from the ones that “#sharecluj with the world”.

A special surprise offered by the SHARE Federation Cluj-Napoca to one of the randomly selected participants from the ones that “#sharecluj in Romania”.

Periodical prizes will be announced during the contests’ 15 months duration.

Details regarding the entry for the “Let’s SHARE Cluj” contest – steps necessary to register:
1. Like the Projects Facebook page - www.facebook.com/ShareCluj
2. Publish the photos with the text “#sharecluj”, in any form desired by the participant – the “#sharecluj” text can appear in on the screen of a digital device, printed on a piece of paper, written in sand or in any other form.
3. The description of the photos must contain the #sharecluj hashtag – the photos must be made public.
4. The posts must include a check-in at the real location where the photos were taken (Location Services On)
5. The photos must include a tag with the Share Cluj Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ShareCluj
6. The participant must publish at least 20 different photos during the contest – all of the 20 photos can be taken in the same city, abroad or in Romania, but due to the duration of the contest, the participants will have the opportunity to mix the locations of their photos. (The Rules of the contest will be published on www.sharecluj.com and www.cluj2015.ro, as well on all the social media sites).

All of the above mentioned conditions will help with the automatic processing of the photos on the campaigns platform, www.sharecluj.com, which will be launched on Monday, August 4th 2014. All of the registered photos, starting with August 1st 2014, in the contest will appear on the campaigns platform.

“We invite the people of Cluj-Napoca to work together in building a photo collection with the message #sharecluj, thus taking photos in at least 100 countries around the world” – Alina Ocrainiciuc, Project Manager for “Let’s SHARE Cluj” and JCI Cluj member.

“The European Youth Capital is an open-source platform, a community project where anyone willing to contribute, add value through activities, projects and campaigns, will be supported. We embraced the #sharecluj initiative, the word SHARE being the European Youth Capitals motto from the very start. Helping the local actors to grow is a priority for the SHARE Federations and I am convinced that together, through partnerships and openness, we will build even after 2015” – Vlad Pop , President of the SHARE Federation Cluj-Napoca.

About the organizers

JCI Active Citizens Cluj is part of Junior Chamber International, an organization of young entrepreneurs, leaders and professional, which aim to create growth opportunities for active young people to create positive changes in the community. It is an organization based on members aged between 18 – 40 years old, located in over 100 countries ,it has over 200.000 members and it dates back to 1915. In Romania, it has been present for 11 years with 10 local organizations. JCI Cluj was founded in June 2008 and has 43 members from the business sector, government institutions, doctors, teachers and students. Together they approach new ideas and generate positive changes in their community.

The SHARE Federation Cluj-Napoca was founded in 2013 by 31 Youth NGO’s, being the organization responsible for the Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015 Project. The Share Federations objective is to contribute to the development of the youth sector and to promote the city of Cluj-Napoca through the European Youth Capital project, at a local, regional, national and international level.



Alina Ocrainiciuc, alina_ocra[at]ymail.com
Project Manager JCI Cluj

Diana Apan, diana.apan[at]cluj2015.ro
Coordonator dep. comunicare Cluj-Napoca 2015, Capitala Europeană a Tineretului

Event Date: 24 Nov.
About Event Date: The date is set, it will not change

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