New accommodation possibility for over 25.000 at Untold Festival UNTOLD organizers, the most awaited music festival of the year in Romania, proudly presents to the public the official UNTOLD camping space, which will offer accommodation during the 4 days of the festival. Located in Gheorgheni, Cluj-Napoca, Orchard Palocsay, the camping’s perimeter is going to be around 95.000 mp, hosting more than 25.000 people.

The festival’s official camping will be arranged according to Europe’s big events standards, being available for both tents and caravans, hence completing the UNTOLD unique experience. Organizers promise multiple facilities to all those who wish to accommodate in this location
Cluj Never Sleeps Premiere Cluj Never Sleeps brings open air shows of the National Theatre and National HungarianTheatre
Two of the most important cultural institutes in Cluj, the National Theatre and National HungarianTheatre are organizing shows in the night between the 20th and 21st of June, during the event Cluj Never Sleeps.

Therefore, Cluj Never Sleeps offers premieres: for the National Theatre, the first open air show ever. “The shortest night of the year offers us in 2015 the chance to see two shows, which beside their artistic value, they are going to represent a time reference – we are going to witness Cluj-Napoca National Theatre’s first open air show and a special show, adapted to the open space used, and the National Hungarian Theatre’s. This is a sign of the opening of the cultural institutes of Cluj towards the community and the youth, Cluj Never Sleeps being one of the strategic programs of Cluj-Napoca 2015, European Youth Capital” says Alexandra Mihali, the coordinator of the project.
Untold Festival organizers, the most awaited festival of this year in Romania, presents to the public the official camping site , which will provide housing for the 4 days of the festival. Located in Cluj-Napoca -Gheorgheni, in Orchard Palocsay, the campsite will have a total area of 95,000 square meters, being able to accommodate over 25,000 people.

Over 25.000 people will have accommodation at Untold Festival!