New Year`s Eve with The Asteroids in Cluj2015 This year in Cluj-Napoca, the New Year`s Eve is going to have the youngest spirit ever, no matter the age. An intergalactic adventure is prepared for you!

To see what we mean by no matter the age, you should be in Unirii Square at 22:00, when the first concert will start. Costi Cămărășan, the founder of Compact, a rock band that made history in Romania since 1977, will be on stage with his band to show everyone that being young is a choice and not a given age. Some good quality music is waiting for us before The Countdown till #Cluj2015.

The next main act will, with no doubt, make us move, shake and dance! Our intergalactic adventure just begins with The Asteroids Galaxy Tour hitting Cluj-Napoca all the way from Copenhagen. |...|

Last, but not least Muzicanții Band will end the festivities with some good old international songs that everyone will sing to.

JOIN THE EVENT ON FACEBOOK, bring your friends with and Let`s SHARE this moment. Biggest one so far for Cluj-Napoca 2015 European Youth Capital.
French is the first official EYC 2015 language Today Share Cluj-Napoca Federation signed the protocol designated to declare French language one of the official languages for Cluj-Napoca European Youth Capital 2015. This document was signed on December 17th 2014 between Emil Boc, the Mayor of Cluj-Napoca Municipality and H.E. François Saint-Paul, the Ambassador of French Republic in Romania.

H.E. François Saint-Paul presented the program EYC 2015 in Paris and it was declared a priority. The Ambassador said about Cluj-Napoca that is now a step forward on cultural and economic levels. He also stated that if the city wants to extend its awareness, has to believe in multilingualism more and more from now on. He believes that Cluj-Napoca can be considered an example when it comes to the civil society. At the end, the Mayor wanted to mention that the Ambassador learned Romanian at a very good level in a short period of time. This proves respect from the French community.

The next document signed today was a framework convention between Share Cluj-Napoca Federation and French Institute from Romania. This document was signed by Vlad Pop, President of Share Federation and mister Christophe Gigaudaut, both Cooperation and Cultural Action Counselor of French Embassy and Director of French Institute in Romania.

We consider our partnership with the French Institute a model to be followed from now on with other future collaborations.
„The Asteroids” will hit the stage from Unirii Square On the New Year’s Eve, Cluj-Napoca is becoming the European Youth Capital for a whole year. And, considering the saying „the first impression is the one that matters”, the city will try to be the central place to have fun then. SHARE Federation calls all the citizens (and not just the youth), to take part to the big party that is going to happen in Unirii Square. No previous edition can compare to the one that is going to take place this time. The organizers will bring The Asteroids Galaxy Tour for the first time in Cluj-Napoca.