RISE network in Estonia

RISE – Romania, Island, Sweden, Estonia
24 - 28 August 2015 in Pärnu, Estonia

During this third meeting of the RISE project we have created the structure for the documentation system of youth workers and we will very soon build the first test version of the online platform. It is expected to be done at the end of the year and there will be a test phase during the first half of 2016. During the test phase youth organizations from the network countries will test the system and give feedback on it.

The objective of the project is to create a web based documentation system specifically designed for youth work. This will be a tool to develop and analyse your work, to promote reflective practice and extract instant statistics.

While working in this project we find that the circumstances for youth workers vary in different countries, but we have a very clear common goal. More information about the project here.
The International Youth Day is celebrated annually on 12th of August. This year's theme is "youth civic engagement." Every year, International Youth Day focuses on a question of legal, cultural, economic or social which the young people are facing and marks the importance of youth as part of a change of our society. International Youth Day was designated by the United Nations through a resolution adopted in 1999.

International Youth Day
Cluj 2015 in a nutshell

Over 1.000 happenings, events and projects took place in the first 6 months in the program of Cluj-Napoca European Youth Capital 2015. All made possible with the community that gets involved in the life of the city of Cluj-Napoca!

In just a few hours will begin the largest entertainment project of Cluj 2015 - UNTOLD Festival. There are expected hundreds of thousands of people during the 4 days of festival magic - July 30 - August 2.

The second half of the youth year at Cluj-Napoca will be at least as full of activities and events dedicated to youngsters and everyone else who has a young soul.

Here you can find a TIMELINE with some of the past and future Cluj 2015 events: