CONNECTORThere are thousands of people all over Europe passionate about nonformal learning and there are hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) who benefit from it. This event is dedicated to them and to those from other fields willing to share and to develop together learning methods and tools that are meaningfull, with impact at both personal and professional level.

The time has come for nonformal to have its own celebration. CONNECTOR creates an interactive “happening” for hundreds of people from all over Europe for which nonformal learning is the natural choice which completes and supports formal education.
COM’ON Cluj-NapocaCOM’ON Cluj-Napoca (Participative Budgeting by Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015 – European Youth Capital)

Participative budgeting (PB) wants to involve the citizens in a democratic process of taking decisions together in order to establish the best solution for money expenditures (only one part) of the public budget.

The aim of the project is to start a process of participative budgeting based on the implication of the youth, so that the city of Cluj-Napoca will finance the implementation of the projects that are most popular within the 2015 European Youth Capital.

The strategic objective is the creation of a portfolio of 250 small projects with an approximate budget of 500.000 leis. These projects will be based on the original ideas of the youth and will be addressed to the local community (especially the outskirts of the city). By doing so, the rate of active participation among the inhabitants of Cluj should grow and the citizens will have the opportunity be involved more in the local life. The activities will occur in public communal spaces and the access will be free for everyone.
Let's SHARE Cluj!The aim of the “Let’s SHARE Cluj” project is to train the local community into promoting our city, abroad and in the country, as well as the title of European Youth Capital which the municipality of Cluj-Napoca won for 2015. Also, our goal is to stir up the interest of the global community for Cluj and the “Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015” project.

How do we “SHARE Cluj”? We encourage every person which lives in or loves Cluj-Napoca to share their pleasant experiences about this city, during their trips abroad or through Romania, and to mark this moment through a photo with the #sharecluj hashtag. Whether we’re on a vacation or a business trip, talking with a friend or meeting a new one, we can take Cluj with us wherever we go.

The “Let’s SHARE Cluj” campaign has at its central point a contest with substantial prizes and it will take place during a longer period of time, preceding the year in which Cluj-Napoca will be the European Youth Capital. The contest starts on August 1st 2014 and will end on the 31st of October 2015.