COM’ON Cluj-Napoca

Name of the project: COM’ON Cluj-Napoca (Participative Budgeting by Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015 – European Youth Capital)
Organiser: PONT Group
Partners: SHARE Federation Cluj-Napoca, the Town Hall of Cluj-Napoca
Funder: EEA Grants

COM’ON Cluj-Napoca- Participative youth budgeting

What is the project about?

COM’ON Cluj-Napoca is a process of participative budgeting which suggests the involvement of the young citizens in a democratic process of taking decisions for establishing the most suitable methods of spending the public budget in the Cluj-Napoca 2015 European Youth Capital .

The strategic objective is to create a portfolio of 250 projects proposed by young people, informal groups of young people exclusively, being addressed to local community. These projects will contribute to the active participation of citizens in the community and they will take place in public and communitarian spaces and they will ensure free access to the people from Cluj.

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How can you get involved?

Your ideas can come true if you contact us online or fill in a COMM’ON Cluj-Napoca leaflet and put it in our boxes, wherever you find them.
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COM’ON Cluj-Napoca

The enrollment in the first stage of the contest consists of filling in and uploading an online initiative form through CC.YOURCLUJ.RO web page. As a special measure, it is possible to submit the form on paper. In this case, each group shall submit both the form(or forms) of the initiative and the presentation form of the initiative group.

COM’ON Cluj-Napoca

An initiative group consisting of at least 3 people between 14 and 35 years old may propose up to 5 initiatives. For each initiative you will have to complete a separate form in the application system on the web page CC.YOURCLUJ.RO.

Each initiative will be officially submitted in the Romanian language. If necessary, the community facilitators can assist in adapting Romanian language descriptions for the informal groups belonging to national minorities or foreign communities in Cluj-Napoca.( – the official site from where you can download the forms in English, Romanian and Hungarian) .

Community facilitators involved in the process can be contacted personally, by phone or online through the methods presented on the website CC.YOURCLUJ.RO.

What kind of initiatives are we waiting for?

The initiatives will be in accordance with the priorities and the Cluj vision for the title of European Youth Capital.

The motto of the application-SHARE- as well as the six priorities in the program- SHARE CULTURE, SHARE SPACE, SHARE WORK, SHARE POWER, SHARE JOY and SHARE VISION- are the same for the project COMM’ON Cluj-Napoca also. We wish that the initiatives proposed by the initiative groups will in the spirit to those priorities.

The ideas proposed will be take into account also the following aspects:

-The activities will be exclusively in Cluj-Napoca, in public spaces with free access from different parts of Cluj-Napoca and will involve the community in a creative way.
-The initiatives do not impose a financial barrier for the participants' access. The access to the proposed project activities will be open to public.
-The projects respond in an innovative way to the needs indentified in the community.

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28th of February 2015, 11:59 p.m.- The deadline for the online submission of the initiatives
28th of February 2015, 17:59 p.m.- The deadline for the submissions of the printed initiatives
15th of March 2015 – The deadline for the technical check of the proposed initiatives
16th of March( 12 a.m.)- 31st of March( 11:59 p.m.)- The period of the decision-making mechanism by voting
15th of April-30th of November 2015- The supported initiatives can be implemented in this period
The 5th of December 2015-Deadline for the submission of financial reports and narratives for the funded projects

*The dates are estimated and they can be the subject of some changes. Any changes will be announced on the CC.YOURCLUJ.RO website

COM’ON Cluj-Napoca

The project is coordinated by the PONT Group, in partnership with the City Hall, the City Council of Cluj-Napoca and the SHARE Federation . It is funded by the European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism within the NGO Fund in Romania, Engagement Component/Subcomponent Participation in decision-making and community involvement and co-founded by the City Hall and the Local Council in Cluj-Napoca.


The official site of the process is functional, come and visit us on
Here you can find all the information about the project, the regulations and the application form.

You can find videos about our program on our Youtube channel:

COM'ON CLUJ-NAPOCA - Do Your SHARE for a Common Cluj!

In the next period, the most important thing is to keep in touch with you, to get in touch with as many groups of initiatives as possible, and to encourage and help you develop initiatives.

If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us:
Facebook: Com'On Cluj Answers:
Tel: 0757055590 (Hanna Ugron)

Here are some links that may help you in documentaries about rules, principles and COMM’ON activities.
Web page:



We are inviting you to work together for a better Cluj this year!

The team


COM’ON Cluj-Napoca


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