Name of the project: Share European, Share Responsibly
Funder: Youth in Action
Implementation period: July 2014 - March 2015

Project Description:
This project promotes the concept of volunteer work. Even though not explicitly, the main idea of the project is not about EVS, but about the implementation method and about the beneficiaries of the project that are closely related to the idea of volunteer work. The adaptation of the 36 principles of social responsibility for the good functioning of the 2015 capital will occur with the implication of volunteers, even more, a set of these principles is explicitly linked to the idea of volunteer work and so it will be used for a most efficient implication of the 2015 volunteers.

The aim of the project is the development of the criteria and measurement application methods of SHARE European and SHARE Responsibly for the partner organizations and the projects implemented by these in the context of the 2015 European Youth Capital.

The context of the project is the program Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015 (European Youth Capital) itself. Being a title that was won, the youth sector has already started implementing the project. In the initial stage the work is being done especially on the ideological, methodological, internal procedures and creation of sustainable partnerships areas, so that this project can be a successful one not only for the youth sector of Romania but also for the European youth sector. Last but not least, the European community will become a beneficiary of the results of this program, if the latter proves to be viable, serious and bring a contribution (in a responsible manner) to the consolidation of the European spirit and citizenship and also to the youth sector as an integral part of the European society.

The desired objectives are the following:
• Creating a responsible and European spirit within the framework of the program Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015 and the enhancement of the European feeling among the participants of the European Youth Capital;
• Making the youth sector of Cluj-Napoca, Romania and Europe responsible by taking appropriate measures;
• Increasing the quality of the implemented projects included in the program by taking specific measures in a responsible and European way;
• Creating a precedent regarding the application of responsible and European methods within a major project made especially for the youth, implemented in a large urban locality that has connections throughout Europe.


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