Name of the project: Volunteers Academy
Funder: Norwegian Fund (EEA Grants)
Implementation period: 2014-2015

Project Description:
The main objective of Volunteers Academy is to create a volunteering network of the youth that ant to get involved in the implementation process of the program Yout@Cluj-Napoca 2015 European Youth Capital. Our long-term objective is that once this network has been established and strengthened we can include the activities of these young volunteers in the projects, activities and bigger volunteering networks in Romania; also, we aim to establish partnerships with other youth organizations both from our country and from Europe.

The project has as an objective the sentimental stimulation of European citizenship appurtenance of the youth and it helps them understand their role as an integrated part of present and future Europe. The program of volunteer education is based on a model of competences and a model of interest zones for the volunteers involved in the program. The program wants to attract volunteers that have both potential and abilities of developing their competences specific for each stage of the program.


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