The general aim of this project is the enactment of the program Youth@Cluj-Napoca 2015, European Youth Capital through a large partnership, a coalition of over 250 local, national and European NGO’s, by which there will be organized over 1200 projects and activities in the period 31st December 2014- 28th December 2015.

The number 1 strategic objective of this project is creating the frame, the specific methodology for planning, raising awareness, a methodology regarding as well involvement, implication, collaboration and implementation, by which the 2015 European Youth Capital will become the context of an extended collaboration in order to achieve some common goals. Furthermore, it is also a context in which the NGO’s can access the program and co-creating it will become an easy and transparent process. Thus the method is becoming ‘state-of-the-art’ in the management domain of some major projects (that normally last for 1 year) and also in the youth domain in general.