Transylvania Youth CultureAsociația Transylvania Youth Culture

TYC is a association established and conducted by young people who believe they can make a difference. As the name suggests, the key terms that define the NGO are: culture, youth, Transylvania but also other terms like participative democracy, active citizenship, history, tradition, urban culture etc.

The association’s projects centered closely on the values that it wishes to protect.
1. In the summer of 2014 a new concept was brought to the green heart of Cluj, the “CooltUrban Festival”. It’s purpose was to animate the Casino and the Central Park “Simion Bărnuțiu” during the month of August. Live music, graffiti artists, parkour amateurs with their street art representations, bu also unconventional theatre or magic moments happened during the 3 days festival.
Transylvania CollegeFundaţia Transylvania College

“Excellence in education”
• a warm and safe environment for every child, where every pupil is treated with dignity, thus being able to develop self belief and self esteem;
• holistic education, the development of abilities and individual competences;
• a multicultural environment and promotes respect for diversity, children education to become global citizens, responsible for the modern society.
SSE Cluj-NapocaAsociația Societatea Studenților Europeniști

The purpose of the organisation is to make itself appreciated through the professionalism that it shows in its activities. SSE is a European organisation, that offers services and projects that ensure an abundance of information for all those interested in the EU. SSE promotes the European idea in through culture, humanitarian projects, manifestations, conferences, reunions, contests or publications.
Scouts ClujOrganizația Națională Cercetașii României, Filiala Cluj

Non-formal education, education for life, team work, learning by action, volunteering, personal development, leadership, community support, social-educational animation.
Sapientia Cluj-NapocaAsociaţia Studenților Sapientia Cluj-Napoca

The role of the association is the representation and the promoting of student interests from the Art and Nature Sciences Faculty, from the Sapientia University in Cluj-Napoca, from an educational, social, economic and cultural perspective, at university level, not only at a national level, but also at an international one. At the same time, the association has another important role, to keep in touch with as many organizations, associations, foundations etc. as possible which can bring added value to the life of students, especially within areas like science, culture, education, social projects, sports etc.

The association contributes to the professional development of students with organizing conferences, trainings, study-trips, exchanges with other European universities, thus contributing to find jobs in the same area as the one they study at university.
Rotaract Cluj-NapocaAsociația Rotaract Cluj-Napoca

Is this the truth? Is it correct for everyone involved? Will we build good-will and better friendship? Is it beneficial for everyone involved? These are the questions to which the Rotaract Club Cluj-Napoca answers positively for all the activities developed throughout its 20 years since the establishment, which will take place in 2015, the youth capital’s year. Currently its30 members from all areas of activity are involved in 15 projects unfolding during a year’s time. We only mention “RotarART 4x4” – a project that supports young artists by annual scholarships and by organizing promoting events in Bucharest, Cluj, Iași and Timișoara, “A story cup” – charity fundraising during the Christmas Fair, by offering hot tea and boiled wine for each donation received, and not lastly, “RYLA in the Heart of Transylvania”- international project taking place in august 2015, which successfully subscribes to the series of promoting events, and leaders training among young people from Rotary International, called Rotaract Youth Leadership Awards.
OSUBBThe Students' Organization of Babeș-Bolyai University

Our largest project is Junior Summer University, the founding concept for the national project, "The Summer University for Highschool Students (ANOSR).

Other OSUBB projects:
• The UBB Festival ( UBBCultural and UBBSport);
• The UBB Caravan;
• The campaign meant to inform freshmen students;
OSS ClujAsociația Organizația Studenților Stomatologi din Cadrul Univ. de Medicină și Farmacie Iuliu Hațieganu Cluj-Napoca

1. The International Dental Medicine Congress for Students "DENTis" : Celebrating in 2014 its 15th edition and serving the purpose of helping students to prepare for their future, through conferences and workshops by using the expertise of local and foreign medics;
2. “Dăruiește Zâmbind” (Give away, smiling): Has the purpose, since 2010, of bringing happiness to those, that perhaps, have forgotten what that feels like. Thus, We intend to organise two events every year, which will take place right before the winter and easter holidays. The ones who will benefit from this will be the children whose families might not be able to provide for them.
OSM ClujMedical Student Organization - Clujj

OSM Highlights:
Medicalis - the largest international congress for students and young medics from South-Eastern Europe;
Donate blood! Be a hero! has set the new national record of blood donors, in the 2011 campaigns;
The Heart Conference, is a project that we've started to work on, this year, which has been recognised the the GA from May 2014 from Samsun-Turkey.
OSE ClujOrganizația Studenților Economiști

1. The organization firstly taking pride in the best fundraising team: over 20 closed long term partnerships.
2.We are visible in all the university centers through Romania, fact proven by the number of participants to the “Business Smart School” summer-school, gathered from 17 different counties.
3. We are among the few representing organizations recognized at faculty level and having a close relation with the deanship.
KMDSZUniunea Studenţească Maghiară din Cluj

The Hungarian Student Union of Cluj Is a cultural organization, the voice of Hungarian students, for higher education institutions, interests and values. The fundamental purposes of our organization are the representation and defending of student interests from higher educational institutions in Cluj, supporting the professional perspectives of students, protecting and developing cultural values, developing relationships with student and youth organizations from Romania and abroad. We have a vast experience in organising annual, some of which have already become a tradition in Cluj's student life.
JCI ClujAsociația JCI Active Citizens Cluj

11 projects that have either been already implement or are, simply, work in progress (2014/2015):
• SALT – supporting young entrepreneurs and leaders;
• JCI evenings;
• Innovate networking;
• ACT – Active Citizenship Training;
• Share Cluj;
• Food waste combat;
• Debate club;
• Bike2work;
• EuPA - European projects academy;
• JCI book club;
• real equality, not just conceptual.
HERMESSocietatea Universitară Română pentru Creativitate Umană, Inteligență Artificială și Tehnologia Informației Hermes

The HermesSociety is the students’ organization at the Mathematics and Informatics Faculty from the Babeș-Bolyai University.

A) It organizes:
• The most appreciated jobs fair in the IT domain, “IT Careers” ("Cariere in IT"), taking place in the hallway of FSEGA, giving the opportunity to students to talk in an adequate environment to the members of top IT companies from Cluj. These offer answers to all the questions of students regarding what truly implies working in an IT company, and in the same time, it gives the possibility to apply for an internship or for a job;
• “Math-Info Students’ Week“, is an entire week full of events, trainings, cultural and entertainment evenings, an international conference and a gala (students from other national universities are taking part);
• The national algorithms contest "MindCoding": this contest is conducted in 3 rounds that result in bringing the best of the domain to a final round in Cluj;
GutenbergGutenberg – Organizația Studenților Vorbitori de Limba Germană

Gutenberg aims to support and develop german language especially among young people. Our organization desires to transmit german tradition and culture in an interactive and interesting way. Gutenberg offers german speaking students the possibility to develop their knowledge, but also to accumulate new ones by participating to different cultural, educational and entertaining activities. It is the only organization for German speakers in Romania.
G.I.B. ClujAsociația Grupul de Inițiativă Basarabeană din Cluj-Napoca (G.I.B. Cluj)

GIB takes pride in a project initiated by its volunteers, by the name "AdmiteRO", in 2011, which has already reached its fourth edition at a national level. We started with just a tent and ended up having 15 other organisations helping us with this project.

GIB takes prinde in two cultural projects through which we defined our identity in our Cluj-Napoca family: The Basarabia Festival and The Bucovina Festival. These projects are supported by the Cluj-Napoca Municipality and the universities.
Fundația Karolyi GasparFundația Karolyi Gaspar

Our activity domains are the following:
• youth summer camps;
• personal counseling for youth and adults;
• addiction prevention;
• counseling on addiction problems;
ELSA Cluj-NapocaAsociația Europeană a Studenților în Drept (ELSA) Cluj-Napoca

ELSA Romania is the only association of students in law that activates at a national level, uniting around 700 members in Arad, Braşov, Bucureşti, Cluj-Napoca, Craiova, Galaţi, Iaşi, Oradea, Sibiu and Timişoara.
COS ClujConsorțiul Organizațiilor Studențești din Cluj

Students’ Organizations Consortium Cluj was established in 2003 at the initiative of young leaders supported by student NGOs they were representing.

Not having much experience in the matter of student NGOs, it answered the need for organization and development at regional level, thus stepping from faculties and universities towards a local level organization to support the movement for the benefit of all the students in Cluj.
This is how the first mega-project was born – The Cluj Student’s Month – where NGO activities are open for all the students, showing their rich offer in activities.

SOC acts like a hub where young people develop educational, professional, and cultural, sport related, health, and entertainment expertise. They also develop projects and solutions for the changing need of student communities.
Consortiul Studentilor din RomaniaConsorțiul Studenților din România

The main purpose of the StudCard project, is to offer young people a varied range of benefits and cost free opportunities, at the economic agents of the centers they activate in. The main discount we offer is the one in public transportation followed by some other over 500 discounts. In parallel, we develop projects and evens at a local and a national level of which an impressive number of participants benefit from. We are not elitists and we do not discriminate, so:
• If you like to learn we have the best TRAININGS for you!
• If you are the “party animal” type: the greatest parties, we organize them!
• You like team-work? We also organize team-buildings!
• Theatre plays, and concerts? We give them to you!
Cluj Community FoundationCluj Community Foundation

The mission of FCC is to improve the quality of life in the area of Cluj, by mobilizing and distributing resources for local development initiatives.

Our programmes support civic involvement, youth and child education, culture, integration in the life of the community, volunteering, partnerships and community development.
Centrul de Voluntariat Cluj-NapocaCentrul de Voluntariat Cluj-Napoca

• Celebration of 10 years of existence in November 2014 ;
• Experience in training volunteer coordinators (training and consultancy);
• Experience in offering consultancy to other organizations/ institutions in developing volunteering programs;
• 13 editions of “The National Week of Volunteering” held in Cluj-Napoca;
• 8 editions of “Community Involvement Prize Awarding Gala” held in Cluj-Napoca;
• 82 young people sent to volunteering stages in other countries in Europe and 60 foreign volunteers hosted in volunteering stages in Cluj-Napoca, since 2010 (through European Voluntary Service);
• Over 30 volunteering implemented projects since the organization’s establishment;
• Over 350 volunteers recommended each year to organizations and institutions in Cluj-Napoca;
• Excellence award in the “European Voluntary Service” category presented by the “Community Programs for Education and Professional Development Agency ” (march 2014);
• Award in “Volunteering Centre of the year” category in the first 3 editions (2011, 2012, 2013) of the “National Gala of Volunteers”, organize by the Volum Federation.
BEST ClujAsociația Grupul Local Best

BEST promotes “Empowered diversity” and helps European technical profile students to gain a more international mindset, through a better understanding of European cultures and by developing work abilities and volunteering in a global environment. Students are offered the opportunity to enlarge their knowledge in some complementary areas to the engineering education through courses and engineering competitions. They also create the environment in which organization members can exchange knowledge and gain expertise by organizing these events.
On the other hand, Best aims to enlarge the work-market’s horizonts by offering opportunities through career related events (job fairs, company days, workshops) and through an international career centre. Finally, BEST developed its own system of internal training, for a better support of the organization; thus its members have the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge also by participating to training events.
ASUAD Cluj-NapocaAsociația Studenților Universității De Artă și Design Cluj-Napoca

We pride ourselves with ASUAD because we are a family and a community, as we grew up in 4 years of activity as others have in 10. We represent students with great pride and we defend their rights, as we have a good relationship with the university and the professors and because they appreciate our work. We train students for their future, we are the only association of art students from Romania. We are the only member association of ANOSR in which the president was elected by our students. We made “Arts Summer University”, when ASUAD had only 3 years and it was a success.
ASTRU ClujAsociaţia Tineretului Român Unit – ASTRU Cluj

ASTRU Cluj wishes to offer each person, which participates to the life of the association, a way of development in order to contribute to human and spiritual growth, with a special emphasis for the different age periods, both as at personal level as well as part of a group. Practically, within the 14 parochial groups of young people and children and within the 3 specialized groups, the association’s members experiment their belonging to the Catholic Action, relate with the others and are encouraged to live their life authentically through faith and deeds.
ASPRAsociația Studenților Psihologi din România

ASPR takes pride in:
• being one of the oldest student associations in Cluj;
• organising the International Psychology Students Conference;
• its famous team-buildings;
• being a founding member of Cognosis;
• having and maintaining a specific topic for every edition of its projects;
• representing the rights and obligations of the FPSE students;
• its ability to professionally guide FPSE students;
• having 3 different recruitment filters, so that our members receive full right right from the start;
• the ASPR headquarters, which resembles the image of its members;
• the involvement of ASPR members, not only in its projects, but also in those of the larger community.
Asociatia Young TeamAsociația Young Team
Asociatia Student PlusAsociația Student Plus

1. Throughout time, Omnipass fought for students to benefit of more rights and discounts. At the moment students having cards benefit of discounts which are over 2500 RON in over 50 location, only in Cluj-Napoca.
In the same time, through our organization, students have free access to public transportation.
2. In time, the OmniPass platform gathered more then 60.000 members only in Cluj-Napoca.
3. In just a few years we managed to develop in the biggest university centers in the country: Timișoara, Târgu Mureș and Oradea. We still have demand for other university cities, and this year we will extend.
3. The events we organize for students became a must of the student life. Weekly we have 1500 students attending our events.
4. We try to involve in active development of students, this is why we organize yearly trainings and conferences for students.
5. Access to events, as many as possible: we support and encourage any manifestation of culture, therefore in any event that takes place in the city we make deals with the organizers in order for our card holders to have substantial discount or even cost-free access.
Asociația OSUT Cluj-NapocaAsociația Organizația Studenților din Universitatea Tehnică Cluj-Napoca

Projects OSUT takes pride in:
• The Technical Universty's Days;
• Infotech;
• The Technical Universty's Festival;
• Polisport;
• The UTC-N Freshman Prom;
• Engineering Summer University.
We are proud of our capacity to attract new members, which we guide as they evolve and become responsible representatives of our university's students, fighting for their rights.
Asociația OSTRAsociația Organizația Studenților pentru Turismul Românesc

It is a non profit NGO, established in the beginning of 2007, through the ambition and will of some Economic Sciences Faculty students (FSEGA). This organization, by the power and will of its members, creates an environment in which the common passion, tourism, can be turned from vision into practice, by creating a real team.

Our organization marches with its projects on three directions:
• developing its members to form a group of professionals in tourism;
• offering informations and assistance to young tourists (domestic or foreign);
• promoting and protecting touristic and human resources which belong to the authentic Romanian heritage.
Asociația OSF Cluj-NapocaAsociația Organizația Studenților Farmaciști Cluj-Napoca

The best student organisation with a pharmacy based profile, in the country!

1.The largest pharmacy students in the country;
2. The best summer university, with a medical profile, for high school students;
3.The most successful, health related, campaigns:
a)AntiSIDA – that was awarded the prize for the best health campaign during the Pharmacy Gala;
b)AntiCancer – a campaign recognised by the World Cancer Day;
c) InfoDiabet – campaign that was awarded " The Prize for supporting the discovery and screening of diabetes" during the excellency Gala "Education and Prevention of Diabetes".
Asociatia Nutritie si SanatateAsociația Nutriție și Sănătate

1. « Nutri-Medicine of the future » Conference
2. “Healthy child, happy child” – campaign for promoting a healthy lifestyle in kindergartens.
What is our expertise?
We are health and nutrition experts, we can help and guide people in order to develop a healthy lifestyle, we can help people willing to change their diet and to change their body and lifestyle, we offer practical solutions in the area of nutrition, we promote exercise and a balanced diet.
Asociatia Little People RomaniaAsociația Little People România

Little People is a small ONG born in Cluj-Napoca... We have a few support programs for patients from every paediatric clinic on cancer from Romania. In Cluj-Napoca, we are the NGO with the largest number of awards at a national and international level. At the moment, we are working on the creation of the largest support group for young patients that suffer from cancer, in Europe: Temerarii;

We introduced the award Duke of Edinburgh, in Romania, which is the highest distinction one can receive on youth development programs.

We host the largest international paralympic event in Romania, that has already reached its 8th edition: RITTO, which is also the largest event the involves volunteers.
Asociația KiforAsociația Kifor

Things we take great pride in:
• we support political themes;
• we support all hungarians in Cluj county;
• we are formed of 17 member organisation from the county;
• we annually organise two event that attract over two thousand participants.
AIESEC Cluj-NapocaAsociația AIESEC Cluj-Napoca

Is a global youth organization, non-governmental, independent, non-profit, conducted by students or recent graduates of a higher education institutions.
It is present in over 2100 universities, 125 countries and territories and its purpose is to develop the leadership abilities of its members. It has over 4000 partners, involved in the development of young talents.
Keywords: leadership, conferences, exchange, development, trainings.
AEGEE Cluj-NapocaAssociation Des Etats Generaux Des Etudiants De L`Europe – Cluj-Napoca (AEGEE)

AEGEE is a multicultural organisation that is present in all of Europe. AEGEE Cluj-Napoca was born 23 years ago. Right from the very beginning, its most successful project has been " Summer University", organised every Summer for two weeks and annually bringing 35 students from different corners of Europe. Furthermore, other successful projects are "Y Vote", organised before the EP elections, "European Day of Languages" and "Culture Action Day" , the last one having its annual editions in December, managing to attract over 40 students from Cluj-Napoca, willing to learn a new language and more about other different cultures. Moreover, we we also organise annual European lectures on domains such as Human Resources.
A.St.A. ClujAsociaţia Studenţilor Arhitecţi – A.St.A. Cluj

AStA Cluj is an apolitical, non profit organization, with its members being students from the Architecture and Urbanism Faculty, from Cluj-Napoca. It was established as an answer to the need to create and express an identity of the students in architecture. The organisation represents a frame, both from an organizational as well as an administrative perspective for developing cultural and professional projects, offering students the opportunity to express themselves outside faculty classes too.