Looking for some quality time and fun learning on a Friday night out?

Don't miss the European Researchers' Night on Friday, 25 September 2015!

This is a mega event which takes place every year simultaneously in several hundred cities all over Europe and beyond.

Whether with family, friends, your school, or on your own, you will find yourself exploring science in engaging ways.

Discover what researchers really do and why it matters for your daily life.

What does a Cold War bunker look like?
How can we identify a specimen using a smart phone?
Can we stop climate change?
What did our ancestors use to eat?
What is a ‘healthy city’?

These questions and much more will be answered through behind-the-scenes guided tours of research labs that are normally closed to the public, interactive science shows, hands-on experiments or workshops.
Escape the Haunted ForestCluj-Napoca is the European Youth Capital 2015 and the 'Escape the Haunted Forest "aims at young people interested in mystery, knowledge, adventure and who like logic, creativity, teamwork, and outdoor activities. We want this project to take place in a location less known Cluj. Lately, interest has grown in terms of visitors visiting Hoia-Baciu forest as an alternative to the cultural-historical offer. The initiative aims to combine playing an escape game with an outdoor activity. Through these activities, participants have the opportunity to use their skills in a dynamic and exciting game and they will also get to know the Hoia-Baciu forest in a fun way. We want participants to be part of a story and play characters whose purpose is to escape the haunted forest using all means at their disposal. They will use clues, riddles and objects to solve puzzles, to open locks and follow well-established trails that will lead them to success.
Open Doors Day at The DungeonOn May 23 we will organize "Open Doors Day at The Dungeon" in partnership with the Chemists Student Organization. The event will take place at our location, 13 Petru Maior Street and is aimed at young audiences and children. Because in that location, the game is called "The Experiment", we want to recreate experiments using the skills of the chemists. The main character, The Mad Scientist, with his helpers will initiate several experiments that will lead the participants in finding clues. Participants who wish to go through the whole game will receive a prize from our sponsors.